Small groups are a big change for our church because we are leaving behind the “class” mentality of gathering together where one person knows a lot and is trying to impart this knowledge to you the learner. Small groups include learning but they are so much more.

Learning will be in close community with interactivity. Each small group is either 6 or 13 weeks long and the call is for each person to commit to attend every week until the end. It’s not just a class but a community to give and provide support. A way for you to connect with God and to see God work through other people. In addition, your group is not just a time of sharing but a group that serves.

Each group has been asked to come up with some way to serve the greater community together. It may or may not go with what the group is discussing. Ideas can run the gamut from starting a daily prayer text to building a floor for a shelter. We just started so we will have more examples as the groups get going. With 5 current groups and 2 more to start soon that is 7 different impacts on our community with the love of Christ! Seven impacts every 13 weeks. What an awesome way to share love and give to Christ.

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