Quick Tutorial - How to Submit Needs Using Our Website

Is there something you need and you're not sure how to go about it?
Do you find yourself wanting to be helpful but not sure where to start?

There is a really useful feature on our church website where you can post and view such requests. Here is a simple picture guide:

1. Start by logging in to https://newdaystockton.ccbchurch.com/login.php

1. Start by logging in to  https://newdaystockton.ccbchurch.com/login.php

2. Once you've logged in, look on the left side of your screen and click "Groups".

2. Once you've logged in, look on the left side of your screen and click "Groups"

3. Now you should be able to see the group "Our Church". If not, search for it. Once you see it, click "Our Church".


4. Once you're on the group page, look at the top navigation for the word "NEEDS". Click it. If there are needs currently posted, they will be in a list in this section.


5. On the right, click the "New Need" button.

6. After you click "New Need" this box will pop up. Fill out all of the relevant fields.

Need Title - What is the name of the need? Examples: Girls clothing size 8, Truck for taking items to dump, Help moving, Used or new fridge, etc.
Description - Any additional information explaining the situation or specific requests.
Coordinator - Who will receive the responses for this request (usually you)
Location Information (optional) - For any needs that are location specific. Example: If you're moving you may want to put the address where you will need volunteers.
Requested Item - List the name of the item(s). Using the moving example from above, you might put Boxes all sizes, Truck, Helping Hands, etc.
Date - You can put a separate date for each requested item. Or one date for all of the items.

7. Once you are done, click "Save". Your need has now been posted!


Some Additional Thoughts

  • I recommend making it a habit to check in once a day or week to see what new needs have been posted. Even if you think you can't fill a need, you may be surprised at how God works! You may think "Well, I don't have kids clothing to offer". But then maybe someone you know will mention that they are going to donate their kids clothes to charity and you can say "Hey, I actually know someone at my church that needs these." The direct link is here: Member Needs
  • Often it's about remaining aware of what each other needs throughout the week so that you pray in a more specific manner. Also, when you see each other on Sunday, Wednesday or throughout the week you can ask how that need is going. The bible calls on us to carry each others' burdens. We must start by actually knowing what those burdens are! No one wants to feel alone.
  • And lastly, if anyone attending New Day mentions a need that they have, you can remind them to post it on our site. It's funny, but the more we use the tools available to us the more useful those tools become.

Hopefully you found this community building quick tutorial helpful!

Feel free to email alicia@newdaystockton.com with any questions!

- Alicia